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PROBATE SERVICES BY Johnston Legal Counsel, PLLC

Services of Will and Probate Law with best Attorneys Our firm has been providing probate services to Loudoun County and Fairfax County residents since 2006. Probate is a court supervised process of settling one's estate. When a person dies, whether they had made a Last Will and Testament or not, their property will usually pass through the probate process.

It is highly recommended to consult with a probate attorney prior to beginning this process. A consultation could save the Executor a lot of time, work and stress. It could prevent future legal problems for the Executor, since an Executor is required to comply with Virginia's Fiduciary laws. A consultation may even prevent the estate from overpaying probate taxes and fees.

In order to settle a person's estate, the assets must be valued and reported to the Circuit Court. The person authorized to settle the estate will have court deadlines and paperwork to complete. The court will require an accounting to be filed with the Commissioner of Accounts office at certain times. This accounting must show all money coming in and going out of the estate – to the penny. It is our experience that retaining the help of a probate attorney helps to relieve the stress of filings and deadlines from the Executor.

However, the probate process and the involvement of the court may be avoided entirely through proper planning. The unexpected loss of a family member brings its own emotional and financial stress without having the additional expense and worry of a court mandated deadline. If you would like to learn more about planning to avoid probate, please call attorney Johnston today. She will explain how you can plan to help your loved ones and to save probate fees and taxes.

If you are in need of a consultation, contact Ms. Johnston today at 703-443-1455 or email her at lorren@lorrentjohnston.com.
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