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Probate Services:

All assets that are held in a person's name at his or her death, will most likely be controlled by the terms of such person's Last Will and Testament, and will be required to go through the court managed estate settlement process called Probate. (Even if a person had no Last Will and Testament, his or her assets will be required to go through the Probate process with the Commonwealth of Virginia deciding how the assets will be distributed.)

Serving as executor of an estate is a fiduciary responsibility which brings with it specific obligations and legal liability for the executor.

This process requires an inventory and accountings to be filed with the Commissioner of Accounts and imposes court specific deadlines and paperwork. Many people wish to avoid this process especially during the emotional time associated with the unexpected loss of a loved one. It is important to report the estate assets correctly for the court. Incorrect information or the inclusion of assets that did not need to be included, could cost the estate more money in Probate fees which could delay the settlement of the estate and the ultimate distribution of funds to the beneficiaries.

Often, the most efficient strategy an executor of an estate can follow is to hire a good estate planning attorney to assist him/her with the preparation of the Probate documents. This provides the executor with assurance that all documentation is correct which can reduce the executor's fiduciary and legal liability to the beneficiaries.

Our firm offers

Probate Services

in both Fairfax County and Loudoun County and gives advice in all aspects of probating wills and the estate administration.

Probate Services:

We have been assisting executors for many years in a number of probate and estate administration areas including:

  • Probate of Wills
  • Administration of Testate (persons who died with a Will) Estates
  • Administration of Intestate (persons who died without a Will) Estates
  • Estate Tax Matters

Ms. Johnston is an experience Will and probate attorney and is a committed to providing you with comprehensive legal advice and representation for probate and estate administration. She is able to assist you with scheduling the initial meeting with the probate clerk to the final distribution of assets and the closing of the estate.

If you are in need of a consultation, contact Ms. Johnston today at 703-443-1455 or email her at lorren@lorrentjohnston.com.
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