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Elder Law

Elder law is one aspect of estate planning, and it usually uses legal tools to transition financial responsibility to another family member as circumstances dictate.

As we age it is essential to have a comprehensive legal back-up plan or a good dependable plan B for many duties of daily life. It is also critical to put your legal tools in place before you really need them to work for you. As we continue to live longer lives, dementia and Alzheimer’s may make daily chores more challenging. For example, it may become difficult to manage your bills, balance your check books and track your financial investments. Before you or someone you love becomes a victim of financial fraud or creates creditor problems, you can put your plan B into action.

A good Elder Law attorney should be able to counsel you and your family members regarding the use of a Durable Power of Attorney and how it can function to assist you with managing your financial affairs before problems can get started. It is critical to execute your Durable Power of Attorney while you have your complete mental faculties or while you are fully “Compos Mentis.” Legal documents cannot be executed and signed by a person who does not fully understand or remember what they have signed. This is why it is important to seek advice from an experienced Elder Law attorney as early as possible. Sometimes waiting until the last minute can be very costly and can greatly reduce your legal options for tax planning or Medicaid planning. Our firm has been counseling the residents of Loudoun and Fairfax Counties regarding Elder Law matters for seven years. Please call to schedule your confidential consultation with our Elder Law attorney today.
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