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Business law Firm and AttorneyHave you ever thought that your life is your business? You are the CEO of your life. Whether you are running your own company or not, you are spending your lifetime earning assets and paying your liabilities. Doesn't it make sense to protect your assets from risk and minimize your liabilities? This is the path to success and it is the most effective way to build your wealth and well-being over time. All successful CEO's know that it is of critical importance to be well informed prior to making important decisions.

Our firm has been advising families in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties regarding family businesses, asset protection, estate planning, and pre-marriage legal counseling. Our firm can guide you through the legal hazards of running your own life. Most people are too busy executing their daily duties to stop and think about potential legal traps.

If you are thinking about establishing your own company, our firm can guide you through the I.R.S. Rules, and through Virginia Law. We also have a team of experienced financial planners and C.P.A.'s with whom consultations are available. If you are not establishing your own company, our firm can guide you through decisions regarding marriage and divorce. Once you are armed with the knowledge you need, it is easy to mitigate the risk associated with these life choices.

It is our hope that your life be the success you want it to be. If you have legal questions regarding establishing your business or estate planning; please call to schedule your initial consultation with attorney Johnston today. We look forward to serving you.