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Complimentary Probate Services: Don't leave a mess for your family

Our firm has been serving the families of Loudoun and Fairfax Counties for seven years. We take our role as Will and Probate Attorney very seriously and have been successfully assisting these families to save thousands of dollars in U.S. Federal estate taxes, probate fees and avoid unnecessary delays in the estate settlement process. The average time it takes to settle a person's estate in Loudoun County is a year and a half. This can mean that family members may not have access to needed assets. When families experience the unexpected death of a loved one, the probate process imposes court requirements, deadlines, paperwork and fees that tend to make this stressful family event even worse.

Our experience has shown that the best way to save your loved ones money and settle your estate as quickly and smoothly as possible is to plan ahead. We know...everyone likes to think that organizing your business affairs and assets can always happen tomorrow, so whether or not it is intentional, procrastination in these circumstances is extremely costly and is your worst enemy.

This is why we offer a complimentary probate planning service. This service may save your estate money, speed up or entirely avoid the court managed probate process, fees, deadlines and paperwork. If you would like to know what assets are included in your probate estate, and what assets are not included in your probate estate, or if you simply want to understand the process and learn what you can do without an attorney to streamline or avoid altogether the probate process, then you need to call our firm today to schedule your free probate planning service.

In your meeting you will have the opportunity to learn what the probate process is, what assets are included in your probate estate and how to organize your assets such that your estate settlement goes quickly and inexpensively. Most people want to be sure their families will not be burdened with a lengthy and stressful court process upon their death.

Did you know that making your Last Will and Testament on-line under most circumstances will not avoid the probate process? Did you know that even if you have an old Will and you worked with an attorney in the past, that your family most likely would still have to experience probate? Even if you have an old Last Will and Testament, we encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary probate planning services. You and your family will not regret it, and it will take about one hour of your time.

Here is a real probate case to illustrate: This was a real case in Loudoun County however, the names have been changed for confidentiality purposes:

Mr. Smith was 85 years old and went on a vacation with his wife. During the vacation, he became ill and was hospitalized. Mr. Smith died soon afterwards. He did have an old Last Will and Testament and an old Living Trust. However, the attorney who drafted his Will made a drafting error which resulted in doubling Mr. Smith's gifts to relatives and friends. This drafting error could have been caught had Mr. or Mrs. Smith come in for our probate service. Furthermore, Mr. Smith was never advised to place his property and assets into his Living Trust. If you have a Living Trust and you have not placed your assets into it, your estate could experience these same troubles.

Mr. Smith was a successful man and owned five properties in Arkansas, several in West Virginia, Virginia, and New York. Since the real estate was not placed into his trust, we had to hire probate attorneys in each state, his estate had to pay their fees and open probate processes in each state in order to settle his estate there. Because Mr. Smith was never advised how to streamline his estate, his estate did not settle for two and a half years (2 ½). This cost his estate tens of thousands of dollars, and created more stress and work for his wife.

Don't let this situation happen to your family. Make this year your year to get your affairs in order- Call Ms. Johnston to learn how to organize your affairs now- then live and enjoy your life without worrying about this issue. We hope to hear from you soon!

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