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Estate Planning

What is estate planning? Estate planning is a process of protecting your valued assets not just your financial assets, or real property assets, but also your personal assets your family. Trusts and Estate Planning uses legal tools to shield your financial assets from very costly estate taxes, and helps to ensure your loved ones are financially able to survive in your absence or disability. Our firm has been providing estate planning counseling to the residents of Loudoun and Fairfax County for seven years.

Probate Services

Our firm has been serving the families of Loudoun and Fairfax Counties for seven years. We take our role as Will and Probate Attorney very seriously and have been successfully assisting these families to save thousands of dollars in U.S. Federal estate taxes, probate fees and avoid unnecessary delays in the estate settlement process. The average time it takes to settle a person's estate in Loudoun County is a year and a half. This can mean that family members may not have access to needed assets.

Asset Protection

Most people are so busy building their assets, that few stop to think about really protecting what they've already got! Don't think you can wait until there is a “situation.” Successful people prepare for possible litigation before it happens. Would you be prepared? Pre-planning gives you the power and access to more strategic opportunities. For example, in some circumstances for protection to be legal there may be a certain “lookback period” during which assets may be exposed.

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We all have a family, someone near and dear, friends, property, assets and so much more. It becomes our first priority to take good care of them. No one wants to put them on risk at any cost so they want to handle issues related to these with great care. Ms. Lorren T. Johnston is here to provide you with her consultation that will make your life easy and stress free. Here are the legal services offered by Ms. Johnston:


The Advance Medical Directive is the service to ensure that you are treated in a proper way as per your desired course of action in case of any emergency. Advance Healthcare Directive is the other name of Advance Medical Directive. With Advance Medical Directive, one can also assign any family member or friend as personal representative who would be authorized to take decisions regarding your treatment.


Whenever a person dies, he/she has some assets in his/her property. Those assets are required to be distributed among his/her heirs as per last will or testament probate law. Even if there is no will/testament, the probate law ensures a proper distribution through lawsuit. The probate law is obligated with the help of a good estate planning attorney. Ms. Johnston covers this law by providing probate services. The probate services helps to provide advices and distribution of assets as per last will and estate management. Tax matters about the assets are also covered in probate services.


A trust and estate planning attorney is the reliable counsellor to ensure that your estate related documents works properly in the new state in which you have moved in. The trust attorney gives you experienced piece of advice about the Revocable Trusts. One can avoid cumbersome probate process with a good trust attorney.


The asset protection law firm becomes necessary with your increasing assets. One needs to ensure that what kind of social, financial and legal impacts one has to face and the extent of asset protection needed. Ms. Lorren T. Johnston also provides asset protection services for this sake.

The provision of these all legal services covers a wide range of area. The services circle includes the regions of Northern Virginia like Leesburg VA, Sterling VA, Fairfax County and Loudoun County as well. You are always welcome to contact Ms. Johnston for your critical matters and take consultation with her field expertise.

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